Juan Mata was once the key player of Chelsea that helped the team on grabbing 2 European titles but ever since Jose Mourinho made his return to the club, there seems to be no place left for the Spanish midfielder who has made 3 appearances in the last 8 matches and some of them even coming out as a substitute player.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Juan Mata has the abilities not only to make it into the starting XI of Mourinho but of every club in the world and at this time it is rather clear why he is staying more on the bench than on the pitch.

Mourinho has had bad relationships with certain players in the past and Juan Mata surely is one of the latest players to add his name onto the list.

Taking into consideration the lack of matches and obstacles in the path of Juan Mata in Chelsea, it seems as the best choice not only for him but also for the club would be to make a move to another team.

Chelsea has already shown interest in acquiring a fine striker in the upcoming transfer window and the financial boost that Juan Mata would introduce if he is offloaded to another club, will allow Chelsea’s search for another forward much easier.

Lukaku is out on loan for the remainder of the season, Eto’o is past his peak and Torres is still struggling to be the player he once was with Liverpool it is quickly becoming clear why Chelsea are trying to sign someone that can handle the pressure and prove himself in one of the top clubs in the world.

Robert Lewandowski, Jackson Martinez, Radamel Falcao and Diego Costa all are high targets for many clubs in January including Jose Mourinho who is keeping a close eye on them.