1. Nice Kevin, show this arrogant bitch its place. I am very glad Ballack
    missed the world cup for his respectless behaviour and I am German. 

  2. Well Prince missed a penalty later in that match.. Serves the fool right
    for destroying a maestro’s career..

  3. HMMMM Ballack provokes situation, Boateng acts in revenge to it and Boateng
    is in the wrong some of you needs to set things straight. Ballacks at fault
    glad he was injured.

  4. i got nothing to prove to you u little jew lol burn in a chamber of gas
    with the rest of ur family, ill bring popcorns and beers to watch the scene
    😀 wish if we were able to hunt racist ppl like hunting ducks lmao that
    would be fun… run u jew run lol

  5. I already did, inside your mothers pussy too! hahahaha! Keep replying so i
    keep owning your ass, bitch.

  6. Yeah I feel like he is a good guy on Schalke too. What I saw from him in
    the training or matches was very normal and cool.

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