Ballack Picks Juve to be European Champion

Juventus is going to take on Bayer Leverkusen in an upcoming UEFA Champions League clash. Before the match, former German International and Bayer Leverkusen player Michael Ballack think that the old lady has a good chance of winning the Champions League this year.

Juventus have started their campaign brightly this year, but many pundits are in doubt if they have what it takes to be the European Champions. Ballack thinks otherwise. He thinks Juve has a good chance of winning the competition. They had a great campaign last year and this year, they are running for the trophy. Ballack has picked Juve as his favorite.
They had a great quality of players, a lot of strength and experience. They are the champions of Italy and they are looking good to be champions of Europe as well. Ballack picked up Pjanic as an outstanding footballer of the team who has great skill over the ball. Other than that presence can be felt for players like Matuidi and Khedira. Moreover, they have Christiano Ronaldo in their team.

But if individual players are to be named, then Ballack picked Aaron Ramsey and Paulo Dybala as the outstanding player. Former Leverkusen midfielder Emre Can is on Juve squad as well. Although he might not be include in the upcoming clash with his former club. Ballack did not make any comments on the exclusion of Emre from the team; however, he commented that Emre is a great player. The fact that Juventus had done everything in their power to sign the player is proof of that.

Ballack praised Italy Serie A as well and as per him, it is stronger and better league than Bundesliga. He chooses Napoli, Inter Milan and Juventus to be the top contenders of them winning the league. Whether he is right or wrong will be decided in the future but one thing is sure Juve is set to provide delightful football for years to come.

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