Chelsea legend Michael Ballack has labelled Coach Antonio Conte a winner, going by his observations of the Italian manager.

Chelsea sit comfortably at the top of the Premier League with at least ten points. They are also favourites for a double if they win the FA Cup having reached the semi-final alongside Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham.

There are ten games left in the league but many seem to have given up on the race, leaving Chelsea to await crowning.

“I’ve been really impressed so far. Since Conte came in, he brought the team back in line and they’re leading the table comfortably in front of Tottenham and Man City. All teams have high expectations but he seems to be able to have good access to the players and built up a quick new relationship which is always important after a disappointing season last season,” the retired star told Sky Sports.

Ballack whilst at the Bridge won the Premier League, three FA Cup titles and a League Cup.

Ballack also commented on the change in formation. The German said it was interesting to see how the coach quickly helped the team adapt to the new formation and remain consistent but added that it was nice that he changed it “very early” in the season. Read more »

Ballack on Antonio Conte

Former German international and Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack believes that Chelsea is the favorites to win the title.

He said that Antonio Conte has managed to build a team that is both strong physically and technically and that Premier League teams are finding it hard to stop them.

He said that he has no doubt that the Italian coach would be a success in the Premier League but he did not think that this would have come so quickly. He believes that Chelsea already had a good squad and that they were underperforming last season. He said that the Italian coach has managed to give confidence back to players such as Eden Hazard and Diego Costa and that they are again giving their best on the field.

Michael Ballack said that for him Chelsea are the favorites to win the title and that given the fact that they are not participating in any European competition this could be an advantage for them. He said that Antonio Conte would have all the time in the world to prepare his team for the weekend goals without getting distracted with games during the week. Read more »

Ballack criticizes Mourinho

Michael Ballack has criticized Jose Mourinho for his treatment of Bastian Schweinsteiger after the latter was forced to train with the youth team.

He said that the former Germany international does not deserve this treatment especially after the career he has had at the club and international level.

Michael Ballack joins a long list of international footballers that have criticized Jose Mourinho’s decision to treat Bastian Schweinsteiger in this way.

Bastian Schweinsteiger has not featured for the Manchester United first team after he has been removed from the squad at the start of the season and has also not featured in the official team photo.

Michael Ballack said that he does understand Jose Mourinho’s decision other than he just wants to humiliate the former German international. He said that the Portuguese should at least show some respect for what the player has achieved at club and international level.

Michael Ballack believes that Bastian Schweinsteiger is still a good player and that he can still contribute something to this Manchester United team. He said that Jose Mourinho is making a mistake for keeping such a talented player on the bench and that the team will benefit a lot from his experience Read more »

Michael Ballack is certain that Gotzewill be back to his best

After spending 3 seasons with Bayern Munich, Mario Gotze opted on making a return toBorussiaDormund and Michael Ballack has a few things to say concerning the German player.

It’s been over 3 years since Michael Ballack announced his retirement from playing football at a competitive level but even though he is retired, Ballack still remains up to date with everything that goes on in the world of football and he has recently voiced his thoughts concerning Mario Gotzeand his return to Borussia Dortmund.

Ballack is certain that Gotzewill be one of the best once again and especially now that he has returned to the place where he grew up in and started to develop as well as become as a world-class performer.

‘’There’s a few players like him who know what to do in every situation, just like he does. If he is able to perform on his highest level there are few others who are able to always make the right move like he does but he has to feel good and he has to bring it.’’ Read more »

Michael Ballack Forecasts For Germany

Michael Ballack might be the former captain of Germany, but today he is more known for the punditry that he showcases for the major matches.

Germany today sees most of its matches reviewed by Michael and in certain cases he offers constructive criticism so that his country team can better their performances and learn from the mistakes they make. Indeed the latest game that ended in a draw with no goals against Poland does open up much opportunity for improvement and who else can provide better feedback than Michael Ballack.

There is a run up to the final match of the group with Northern Ireland that needs to be worked upon and when experts like Michael could provide the right feedback and direction to the team. It is quite a lot to discuss and work upon as there is a chance that Germany might not make it past the group stage in Euro 2016. Read more »

Germany legends team led by Michael Ballack thrashed England legends

A Germany legends team that was led by Michael Ballack managed to beat an England Legends team 7-2.

The match was in honor of the 50th anniversary of England winning the World Cup and was held at Upton Park. Unfortunately, England could not manage to win the game in front of a crowd that was well above 15000.

The match was also in honor of the West Ham stadium that they will be leaving as from this season. The teams were made up not only of football players but also of other big names from outside the football world.

The first chance of the game came to England legends, but Darren Anderton could not find a way through Jens Lehman. It will be Germany who would take control of play thanks to goals from Hanna Balitsch and Mark Rehmer. The match will reach half-time with Germany legends firmly in control of the match.

The game will not change much after the break with Michael Ballack’s teammates keeping control of the match. David Odonkor, Oliver Neuville, and Marco Reich will add more goals to make it 6-0 for the Germany legends. The England team which was captained on that day by Rio Ferdinand could not do anything to stop wave after waves of attack from the German side. Read more »